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Painter, lives and works in Helsinki Finland.


Korhonen's artworks are autobiographical examinations on suffering, messing up, and loving. In her paintings, lived life and dreams are blended together: the figures are simultaneously self-portraits and fictitious selves. Reality and imagination melt into one, and her own relationship with life is tuned to be more multidimensional than my everyday "sweatpants-self".


Objects, milieus, and fabulous costumes are central means of Korhonen's visual narrative. Existential crisis and examination of the self are given the form of a still life, or even a theatre set. She is drawn to very different things, from the essence of colours and the history of objects and art, to fashion imagery and observations of the everyday life. Her paintings are simultaneously serious and humorous. Drama and humour wander, hand in hand, stumbling through the entirety.


Korhonen's medium is primarily oil. Her background in graphic design is visible in the occasional surface-like use of colour in my paintings, and in the way I utilise the means of composition. Finding the right rhythm between objects and colour is important to her while painting. 

Korhonen graduated as a painter from Free Art School (Helsinki) in spring 2021. Before this, she worked as a graphic designer and illustrator from 2010-2021, and as a teacher in children's art courses.

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